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Spring may be time for colourful garden flowers and frolicking lambs for some, but it is the wheezy and sneezy season for most of us. At Sean Shivnan Pharmacy, we only stock pharmacy products that we know have been proven to help with allergy symptoms. We are also offering discounts on combination products to make them even more affordable – for you.

Blocked nose?

Otrivin nasal spray is your best friend. When used correctly, Otrivin can effectively help to unblock the nostrils, allowing you to breathe better.

We also recommend using Flixonase nasal spray on a regular basis during allergy season. Flixonase works by stopping cells in your nasal passages from releasing the chemicals that trigger the allergic response. In other words, Flixonase helps to stop and prevent allergic reaction from happening in the first place, meaning you are far less likely to experience wheezy blocked nose.

Teary eyes?

We recommend the use of Naphcon-A eye drop. Formerly known as Opcon-A, Naphcon-A combines an antihistamine and a decongestant to provide effective relief from watery and itchy eyes. The decongestant ingredient helps with reducing the redness of your eyes.


Antihistamines are effective as an “all-rounder” treatment for seasonal allergies. At Sean Shivnan Pharmacy, we stock most of the popular antihistamines, including Lora Tabs, Razene and Telfast. When taken correctly, antihistamines can help with runny and/or itchy nose, itchy and/or watery eyes and blocked nose.

Too many choices?

At Sean Shivnan Pharmacy, our pharmacists are more than happy to answer any queries that you may have regarding product choices. If you are unsure which cough & cold product to buy, feel free to give us a ring. We are sure one of us would be able to help you out.